Client Testimonials

“Our company used LeaseWatch to help us settle an extended dispute…with a landlord…the bottom line is that after an extended time working to resolve this issue, LeaseWatch was brought in and the result of their efforts was a waiver of $24,493.00 improperly claimed to be due by our landlord PLUS projected savings in excess of $120,000.00 over the remainder of our lease term. We currently utilize LeaseWatch for all of our leases. They ensure that our landlords provide all the services for which we pay, and they remind us of critical due dates… LeaseWatch is an important part of our lease management and record keeping.”
Fred G., National Brand Franchise Owner
“I have been a client since early last year and have to say that it has been impressive. So attentive, so informative, and reliable! I feel that this is a business expense that is well worth the investment. Always beneficial to have access to the knowledge base from an expert in the field. I highly recommend this service for anyone involved in or entertaining getting into a lease.”
Dr. Peter S., DMD
As an attorney representing businesses of all sizes for nearly thirty years, I have seen firsthand the havoc than can be caused by the many perils hidden in commercial lease agreements. LeaseWatch successfully navigates complex lease clauses to assist its subscribers in steering clear of these dangers. Moreover, it is highly effective at identifying and recovering CAM overcharges and other improper lease expenses. I would HIGHLY recommend LeaseWatch to any commercial tenant.
Adam P., Attorney at Law
“The service and personal attention that I received was superb and efficient… LeaseWatch continues to support my business by informing me of the critical time frames of my lease options, letter writing when I have issues with my landlord and watching my back when needed in regards to being a tenant in a lease. They are not only professional but courteous and quick to respond to your needs.”
Rafael P., Restaurant Owner
“As a Certified Public Accountant, I am always looking for services that can benefit my clients. LeaseWatch is one of the most innovative and beneficial services that I have come across in my many years of practice. I highly recommend it and consider it a “must have” for any business that leases space.”
John P., C.P.A.
“I’ve been a part of LeaseWatch™ for several months now and I know I have gotten my money’s worth. They helped guide me through a very stressful dispute with my landlord.”
Shelley R., Salon Owner
As a principal in a management company that owns and operates 60+ franchised locations of brands including Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins and Brass Tap, I find LeaseWatch’s service to be invaluable because of the detailed work they do managing our lease obligations for all of our businesses at a fraction of the price we would have paid…[others] for the same work. LeaseWatch™ saves our organization the headaches of reviewing SNDA’s and Estoppel letters from our landlords, notifying us of upcoming rent increases, all landlord notifications required by the lease agreements and a lot more. LeaseWatch™ has also helped us to recover significant amounts that were improperly charged to us by certain landlords. The…words I would use to best describe LeaseWatch™ are thorough and invaluable, and I highly recommend their services to everybody managing multiple lease agreements with multiple landlords.
Sanjay P., Principal