What does a lease negotiation entail?

Landlords are professionals who have special knowledge of the real estate market and the properties they lease. They are also highly skilled and experienced at negotiating commercial leases. As a result they have an “edge” over their tenants who are principally experts at their own businesses, not commercial leasing.

Negotiating your lease

Thorough understanding and effective negotiation of complex commercial leases require expertise in a wide variety of disciplines including law, accounting, real estate, property management, engineering, and architecture.

Although navigating a commercial lease is often tremendously complicated and time consuming, it can have a huge impact on the profitability of a business. Therefore, every provision of a commercial lease should be carefully reviewed and negotiated.

Why is it important to negotiate your lease?

Landlords often have inflated “asking” prices and offer disadvantageous terms to prospective tenants in anticipation of a counteroffer. This is just one reason that it’s crucial for tenants to work with professionals to who have knowledge of the market and commercial leasing  before signing a lease.  Additionally, commercial lease professionals can help tenants align their leases with their future plans by ensuring that issues such as lease term,  subleasing rights, renewal and early termination options, and tenant improvements are adequately addressed.

LeaseWatch’s renegotiation services

Over time, commercial tenants with long-term leases often find themselves paying rental rates that far exceed the market due to annual, and compounding, rent escalation clauses. Often times these long-term tenants are charged rates that exceed those being offered to BRAND NEW TENANTS! In these situations, LeaseWatch can often renegotiate rental rates to reflect current market conditions by combining our proprietary lease audit techniques with state-of-the-art research and negotiation capabilities.

LeaseWatch was founded by attorneys with decades of experience in both real estate and litigation, and uses a team of professionals to get results for its clients.

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