The Importance of Professional Lease Negotiation Services

Since commercial leases vary significantly, are highly complex, and are typically negotiable, tenants are well advised to exercise caution before entering into what is generally a long term and serious financial commitment. Utilizing a team of professionals to assist with lease negotiations will help avoid the many pitfalls and perils often hidden in boilerplate lease documents.

Where to start when Negotiating a Lease

Tenants should start by considering the basics, such as commencement and expiration dates, base rental rates, Common Area Maintenance (CAM) obligations, real estate tax and insurance obligations, early termination rights, subleasing rights, assignment rights, and renewal options. Other important considerations include whether there are expansion or contraction options, how much a landlord will contribute toward build-out/construction, and the condition of the space being leased.

Before entering into a commercial lease, tenants are well advised to consult with highly qualified and experienced professionals who can help navigate these issues, and find ways to reduce costs, save time, and reduce risk.

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